Rudy does not want to be involved

Small deet: the common stairs have been modified (like, extra steps have been added in between the existing steps) because Luca has a hard time walking up stairs. This is as close to handicapable accessibility as it gets… All the places the Emperor doesn’t go (to the kitchens for example) have the regular stairs because everyone else trips on them.

In other news,

The first volume of The Meek, comprising the first 3 chapters, is happening soon. I’ve never done a KS before and the amount of work involved is crazy. So many goddamn art assets. But, I think the end result will be pretty sweet. Here’s what’s going to be involved:

-new 8 pg prologue comic
-art/ formatting overhaul (the faces are so bad to me now)
-bonus shit
-actual merch, which I have never made before and am terrified of
-some really insane level artists contributing art to a limited set of prints

Anyways it’s gonna be nuts. I’ll mostly just be excited to sleep again. I’ll be posting a preview of the cover tonight on Patreon… probably Thursday the new tutorial/ worksheet of the month goes up (please nab your files if you haven’t already!), then a SURPRISE that I’ve been holding out on until some time where I felt like a surprise was needed, which is now. I’ll post what it is when relevant~

Oh yeah, last few days to back the Elements Kickstarter, I finally busted out my pages last last weekend, phew.

Last but not least, our Patrons of highest renown~~ Some green graduations too :D


  • chyro

    Isn’t that how all wars start… Young people who have never seen war before getting excited by the adventure, turning a blind eye to what it really is like…

  • Tuckerscreator

    Gah, been reading too much manga, got confused as to why conversations were sounding weird, then realizing I was reading right to left again.

    • Varflock

      It happens to me too. : P

  • David

    I don’t want to research how Kickstarter works- where should I go to buy this book, and how much will it cost? Will it be a physical book or an eBook?

    • Haha, thanks for asking. The KS launches on Aug 4 and I’ll have links to the live page at that point.

      There are a a few options format-wise; a digital copy, a softcover, and limited run of hardcovers because I hate them. Still tweaking the pricepoints but book-only tiers should range from $15-$60ish depending on the type. If certain funding levels are unlocked, this increases the quality of the book, and adds certain reward items to applicable tiers automatically… I’m working with an incredible PM so these books are going to be amazing.

  • Luces

    Will there be a post of getting the books signed? Admitted, signing them up will be slave work for you, but it really makes a difference – at least for weirdos like me…

    • Yep~ It’s a limited tier though. In a past terrible experience the company I was with did not limit them, and I had to sign/ sketch 1000 books in a month for about $.60 per unit. So… yeah that is not happening this time.

  • DukeBG

    I bet those bonuses won’t be shit at all!

    Excited about the SURPRISE.

  • DS

    Can’t wait for the KS. Luca is looking scruffy back there. He could play the role of a grizzled sea captain. Also, Suda honey, get your hand away from that knife. You’re going to slice your fingers on it.

  • JJ

    Chekhov’s knife?

  • So excited about the book KS! I still have my floppy Chapter 1 book from all those years ago before The Hiatus (which had me scared silly because I was afraid I’d never know what happened next in this AWESOME story that I’ve been reading since Page 10 was the most current; so very glad you picked it up again :3). I really wish I had the steady $$ to be a monthly Patron but I’m jumping on the KS without a doubt.

    • Haha, yeah that copy is… not really the quality I wanted. I didn’t get to sign off on proofs (there weren’t any) and the paper quality and color was like 1/2 of the minimum that had been promised by my publisher at the time. Thankfully the team I’m working now with proofs books for Dark Horse as a dayjob (!!) so that, plus the new art, it’s gonna be sweet~~~~

  • Times New Logan

    “He who fights monsters should see to it that he himself does not become a monster. And if you gaze for long into an abyss, the abyss gazes also into you.”

    Or should I say, the Dagre gazes also into him?

  • Crestlinger

    *Eyes shiny cleaver. Don’t Think at it.

  • TorgueRND

    What I would like for my birthday is to be a fly on the wall of the room someone locked Suda and Mike from Mare Internum in.

  • Carolyn

    Uh-huh. Don’t know, Suda? Or willfully turning a blind eye because you think the whole war thing is glorious?

  • Bionic

    Oooh wait, so we can buy volumes of this comic? I’m excited. Can we buy them off of this website or is it a Patreon thing?

  • Male Blackfox

    Oh. Wow. They’re Germany. Dad man is Hitler. Suda knows more than he’s letting on and he knows it’s bad. :/

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