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THE MEEK VOLUME 1 KICKSTARTER – About 2 weeks left~

One of those pages that takes 2 seconds to read and forever to draw, haha. Oh wait that’s all of them XD

Not much going on, just chugging along. The Kickstarter is doing pretty great, we just unlocked a new digital comic (in addition to the new prequel comic!) for all comic backers. This new one will be in the same vein as The Tide, if you managed to get your hands on that somehow by now (it’s been around a while), and will cover some more side stories I’ve got kicking around that don’t really fit in the main narrative. We also moved a few more hardcovers from the upper-most tier to a lower one… these won’t be reprinted, and are being kept intentionally limited to this KS only because they annoy me (lol) so yeah, now’s probably the time to grab one. If the campaign reaches the last stretch goal, all physical orders will receive some more free gifts as well~

I’ve been covering some of the guest artists for the print tiers as well! More info about Tessa Stone, Gene Ha and Joy Ang here, and a few more to come :]

Was lucky enough to get reviewed by the AV Club this week as well! Thanks to Caitlin for the coverage :]

And, was even more supremely lucky to get this beautiful fanart by Genue of Full Circle and other comics. I’ll post the image here too this time cuz it’s just too good

CqHMCBNUMAAI94C.jpg large

Last but not least, the latest batch of VIP Patrons! Thank for reading :]



  • Ah, it’s nice to see her smile for a bit.

  • TCRM

    I thought for sure it was going to be the mustache dude from the dream.

  • Love that last panel.

  • Intile

    I have to know, what kind of sandwich is that? I love all sandwiches so this is important information.

    • Tadrix

      Take a better look at first two panels in the previous page. Definitely melted cheese and tomato in there, and I’d say that these remaining are patty and bacon, although I could be wrong. Anyway, I suspect that Suda’s sandwich is a hamburger and that Suda was a fast-food addict long before fast-food was even invented.

    • lol, I don’t know if that deserves a proper sandwich title. It’s like an unabridged dictionary made of meat and cheese haha

      • Times New Logan

        I just imagined an image of a dictionary between two slices of bread, covered in melted cheese and warm meat, with some cool, refreshing tomato slices on top…

        …you have confused my mind and my stomach all at once. Bravo.

  • DS

    Seconding that last panel love. The angle, the energy, the sandwich…

  • 2 seconds to read, but I read it several times because it’s a good one. :-)

    (Especially that sandwich-hold in the last panel.)

  • Quix

    This is cute as hell.

  • Angiebeast

    Hahaha, aww, “Sudacris”. That name is just . . . . …………. . . ……………….. . . . . . .. . . . . .
    . . …………………………………………………………………………………………….ludacris

    (I tried to resist but I was weak)

    • Angiebeast

      I feel bad about this comment now. I’m sorry Suda, your full name is perfectly lovely and should not be subject to uncreative schoolyard taunts!

      • Herp McDerp

        Angiebeast, if you think that’s funny, I think the Royal Family’s surname may be Batrachian. Possibly an Armenian name … but then again, possibly not.

    • Da Rat Bastid

      If Suda ever, ever starts rapping, I’m outta here. *laughs*

    • EmilyS

      My mind immediately went there, too XD You might say this is Sudacris!

  • Zelly

    I really love these two.

  • DukeBG

    I just now realized that Rana cannot actually physically see Suda on the second panel from that position. The exchanged glances are hilarious, though!

  • I love The Siblings TM.
    I just wish Rana could be there too.

    • MiniMoose

      Hyla? :3

  • Brandon

    Great stuff!

  • VladNefarious

    You guys better run fast, cuz Chuck Norris tutor is NOT gonna stand for your bullhockey!

  • opossumPrince

    sometimes you just want to Rana-way

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