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Thanks again for continuing to support the Kickstarter! A bit over week left, and we just passed 80k yesterday. Not sure if we are going to make it to 100, but if so there will be a few gifts added to all physical orders, so I hope so :] Trying to give back to readers as much as I can manage, workwise.

Anyways that’s about it for now~ Next update being worked on.

And since I updated it pretty late last update, our VIP Patrons! Thank to all of you for reading :]



  • Green

    For someone who lacks a smile majority of the time, she sure has a very wide range of facial expressions. Almost more than anyone else in the series, even.

    Very colorful cast with all sorts of personalities is a bit of an understatement lol.

  • *BOOM*

  • SleepyFist

    Hmm, I wonder what they’re testing, sounds like either bombs or more tanks.

    • hkmaly

      Why “more”? It can easily be that first tank.

  • Skellagirl

    Suda is so wholesome, I love him. Nobody says “aw nuts!” anymore!

    • Times New Logan

      We should start a movement to bring it back, by using it more often and getting others into the habit. Whaddya say?

      • I say “Aw, nuts!” XD

        • Times New Logan

          The movement grows ever stronger!

      • Tadrix

        Seems that Anthony McAuliffe is well remembered.

    • Dewmilk

      I saw Aw nuts….

  • Crestlinger

    Probably under orders To test the thing when he’s not there.
    Especially after that stunt with the tank

  • Aidan903

    Why do I have the feeling that that resounding explosion is not actually a result of a tank test?

    Why do I have the creeping thought that it’s the castle being bombed?

  • I don’t like comparing things to other things, especially in the case of something as intensely awesome as The Meek, but this page in particular really hit me in the Last Airbender vibes. Which is a really, really good thing. I don’t comment often, but this is one of my favorite comics and I felt the need to gush a little.

    • Banjoker

      And everything changed when the fire nation attacked.

  • grubgobbler

    Nooooo! The “next” button won’t work! Ughhhhh catching up sucks….

  • Times New Logan

    Is it just me, or is Rana absolutely adorable in the penultimate panel?

    • JJ

      I would like to use Rana from the antepenultimate panel as my avatar.

  • Baby M

    I just discovered this comic yesterday, and I’ve been binge-reading to catch up. Let me just say that you’ve done an excellent job of world-building. The various cultures and nationalities feel very organic, like the characters are real people from a real place and time with real customs and folkways.

  • David

    I don’t know if it’s my phone or if your website is getting hacked, but periodically my phone gets redirected to a bogus “Your Phone is Heavily Infected” page.

    It seems to happen exclusively with webcomics, and just now this page did it. Any idea what’s going on?

    • :\ Could be a Hiveworks thing? My site by itself is pretty stable, but sometimes we get shitty ads that do shitty things, I’ll check to see if this has been an issue with anyone else.

      • David

        Thanks :-) Yeah, shitty ads sounds like a likely culprit

      • Glavos

        I get a redirect/popup from simplegirls or something as well. Might want to check into your ad supplier

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