Suda’s mood in this chapter so far


so acting

Thanks so much again for looking at and helping the Meek V1 Kickstarter a success. We unlocked every single stretch goal, and finished at a bit over $116,000 (about 5x more than I ever expected, haha). This month is about catching up with updates, logistics, and finalizing some last deets before the book goes to print. Super excited! And for those who continue to ask, yes, the book will be available if you missed the KS… my primary goal now though is to get these books printed and sent out. Softcovers will go on general sale when that is all taken care of, sometime in 2017~

And for Patrons, in case you missed it, a new tutorial that went up last weekend, as well as the support worksheet. If you’d like to vote for this months’ Patreon tutorial, you can do that here! (anyone can vote; tutorials will be made public 6 months after publication on Patreon)

K back to work


  • “doesn’t it get hot in there ?” “and you rode it in it”
    She’s saying you stink of sweat, bro.

  • Derkasnake

    These are the high quality memes I’ve come to know and love from wwww dot meek comic dot com

    • amrothsirfalas

      wow, It’s exactly like this site but with extra “w”

      • The fourth W is silent

        • Petra


          • Arianwen

            …Banderbear? Is that you?

  • Underdawg

    Why do I suddenly get the feeling that they are not ‘testing the tank early’ and it is getting actual battle experience…

  • Andrew

    All I can think of in the third panel is the saying; “U MAD SIS?”

  • Colin

    Mother of God, the troll face you put on Sudacris.

    Dare I say it’s…ludicrous?

  • DukeBG

    Third panel Suda is auditioning for Joker.

    • Anonymous

      I don’t know. I think he’s looking to become the mascot of the first fast food chain in the Northern Territories.

      • DS

        I’m picturing Luca cooking burgers with his bare hands. But he would need an unending supply of rage to keep that up.

        • ceceoh

          Luca: “I will fry your face off!!! …er … I mean, do you want fries with that?”

  • DS

    Everyone’s talking about Suda’s excellent trollface but no one has mentioned his “I’ve seen some shit” face in the last panel. Either that or he has a good imagination.

  • ceceoh

    Last panel Suda; you best not be foreshadowing pointing that tank at any of my favorite Meek characters.

  • Lilian

    Suda, if the tank is too loud for your sister and not too loud for you, that doesn’t mean that she’s a wimp. It means that your ears have been damaged.

    Oh Suda, so cheerful and fun-loving, yet touched by the horrors of war.

  • Times New Logan

    Something tells me Suda’s already started to change from the joyful, charismatic prince we know and love into a shell-shocked victim of war. He’s clearly seen some things already, and this is probably just the beginning…

  • Lord Hideous

    And once again we are shown it truly is better to give than to receive.

  • Fridge_Logik

    Those crenelations are so tall…

    Why are they so tall?

    • Lilian

      Because the emperor is compensating.

  • JakeyBakey

    epic meme face bro

  • weezact7

    I thought toothy grinning was NOT a sign of good humor in their culture? Suda does toothy grinning all the time.

    • Haha, I think “real” ethnic Pasori think of Suda the way baby boomers think of millennials. See also.

  • Crestlinger

    *Turret turns in their direction.

  • Gvtprtsgvnit

    Discovered this comic yesterday. Blitzed the whole thing. Eager for more. Looked at the time between updates. Now I am dead.

    • Each page takes way over 12 hours to make, which for this comic I split over two days. The normal update schedule is generally 1x a week but recently I’ve been busy with other projects. I generally update 12x a month split between both of my comics. If you want to read my other webcomic, which tends to update a bit faster, you can head over to Mare Internum, or contribute directly to my ability to keep working at this and faster paces at the Patreon.

      • Gvtprtsgvnit

        Sorry, posted that before I read the FAQ. I live in an artistic family and have a number of artist friends, and I’m very aware of the time and resource commitment that goes into such high quality pages. I read up to the latest Mare Internum page, and loved it just as much as this. I absolutely love the stories, and your style really appeals to me. Once I have my finances in order, I plan on sinking $10-$15 a month into various people’s patreons, and you are now way upon the list.

  • ewitwins

    To be fair, being on the receiving end of a 40mm gun probably wouldn’t be nearly as bad as, say, an artillery salvo!

    Sweet tanks, though. I’m sure it’s a pretty sizable advantage over, say, the dudes with horses and rifles.

  • Adam

    Just an FYI, I just found Meek and read up to the most recent post. I’ve been using my mobile, and once in a while, an ad page hijacks my chrome browser with bogus virus warnings, making my phone buzz, etc. I have to quit the browser and reenter.

  • Linda

    How do you do it? Suda is JUST like my brother. It seems he hasn’t thought about any of this.
    Shhhheit I’m Rana.

  • Aidan

    Just found this comic, and, of course, I’ve run through it quickly. Incredible work, handily filled some downtime I had. I eagerly await more, and I’ll be sure to check out the other one, Mare Internum sometime soon.

  • Hackett

    It’s been nigh on a month since an update. Is everything okay?

  • Lar

    I keep coming back to that face Suda’s making in panel 3. That face is gold.

  • Jesse

    Tomorrow it’ll have been a month since this was published. Is something wrong?

    • ark

      I know, I need my meek fix, and I am starting to worry that something has happened to shingworks

    • Sorry! I was doing so much Meek book editing stuff, haha… Weeks of Meeks. I am back tho~~

  • Jesse

    Wait… So you have a- are working on a book of meek? Already?

    • Haha XD yeah if you look at when page 1 was posted, it’s actually weird I don’t have one already. I don’t like making physical stuff but at some point in the process you have to put that aside I guess.

  • Jesse

    Nevermind, I read the next page.
    Keep up the good work :-)

  • Jesse

    Not sure why I need to say this, but

    I found The Meek through
    Sandra and Woo, which I found by an image on a Quora digest email?
    And I found The Order Of The Stick through the website on the top border of this p- the thing website with links to lots of comics that was on this site,

    If that makes any sense.

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