Time to spill the beans~

No real updates, other than that the KS is coming along. All the rewards are in and I’m in the middle of putting stuff into thousands of envelopes, fun fun fun. Can’t wait to get them to folks who pledged.

Oh, but you can take a peek at this incredible piece by Joy Ang, which is part of the miniprint set. I wanted to make it the postcard image as well, but as it turns out that might get me 5 years in prison for creating a piece of mailing material with nudity on it XD So I went with a different image. And a bit more love: this beautiful fanart by Lennan6

I’ll be moving this notification link to the sidebar soon but for now I’ll just keep it here for folks who don’t use RSS and would rather have email updates!

mmadOkie dokie see you again soon


  • Asterfield

    For a moment, I thought Suda was being boo’d.

  • Em

    Ah, to be as tall as Suda, able to leap onto a planter at a moment’s whim!

  • JJ

    Luca doesn’t like talk about the giant spirit monsters? Like not at all?

    • Jones

      I’m a bit late on comic reading, but at this point I’m feeling that strong hint.
      He appears to be strongly influenced by Dagre’s own opinions about other spirit folks. Somewhat of possession…puppet.. :I

      My my, this is an interesting theory I have there. ;)

      • David

        I have the sense that Dagre has been with them for centuries. Dagre probably gained the current emperor’s trust while he was still a child. It’s like the elephant in the room that no one notices, because it’s been there so long- no one thinks to suspect the Tiger.

  • Lilian

    Look! Panel three! Dagre’s on the side of the giant planter thing!

    Hmm. Is it Luca that doesn’t like talk about the spirit beasts? Or is it Dagre?

    • Corbie

      I think that’s the same tribal wolverine of which statues were in the courtyard. But gaah it has the same blank eye like Dagre!

    • David

      My call is that Dagre doesn’t like the other spirit beasts, and has manipulated the emperor into hating them. It doesn’t seem hard to make that dude lose his temper- it’s a well-practiced reflex.

  • TimesNewLogan

    Is that Atda? From 2.22?

    • JJ

      2.22 is young!Luca giving old!Luca imaginary advice

    • GOOD MEMORY but no XD JJ has it right… and “atda” just means “what,” it’ll probably come up again~

      • TimesNewLogan

        How… how did I not realize it was Young Luca? The missing teeth, the war uniform… it was so OBVIOUS, and YET SO subtle! And I completely missed that “atda” was the one instance where the conversation wasn’t translated!

        You’re brilliant, but you’ve forced me to rethink things and be even more observant than before. For that, I want to hug you while strangling you out of frustration… aggressive hugging?

        • David

          I think it straddles the line between being subtle and just being poorly delivered. It *is* a brilliant idea, but I think it works better in film than it does in a web comic.

  • Linda

    Not Captain deCampon!

    • Linda

      as you can see, i barely knew the guy

  • TorgueRND

    Huh, until you mentioned the issue with the postcards, it hadn’t occurred to me that I ordered a book that prominently features a naked minor. See 2,337 of you in jail I guess.
    Wait a minute, how old is Thrip? …Der-shing, you monster!

    • he’s just a baby ;__; oh god what have I done

    • TimesNewLogan

      Just tell them it’s “artistic nudity;” as long as no genitalia are shown, you’re safe.

      It worked when they came knocking on my door, so you should be safe!

    • TimesNewLogan

      Wait, who’s Thrip?

      • TorgueRND

        Thrip is the most important character in DS’ other current webcomic, Mare Internum. And we humble fans of the comic are very concerned with recent developments in regard to him.

  • Ah. So we’re jumping right back into the emperor (who, I’m horribly embarassed to admit, has a name that’s completely slipped my mind) being crazy and murdering people.

    • David

      The emperor has 3 or 4 names, and they switch back and forth according to a cultural norm I haven’t been able to figure out. So, I just think of him as The Guy With Burny Hands

  • DS

    Ah yes, the sea devil. Or Etan’s majestic sea flap-flap. So the question is did Luca go the “burning his face off” route or something more mundane like a knife?

  • whatababe

    Legs for daaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaays~

    • TorgueRND

      With Suda’s spindly build, ravenous appetite, and frantic energy, I identify with the character very strongly. I’ll be sad to see all the horrible things that he’ll experience (and probably do) because he’s in this comic.

  • Crestlinger

    That explains Suda’s Look previously.

    • JJ

      5.14, last panel, the look at the knife?

      I also just realized that on that page we don’t see Luca’s face either.

  • JJ

    Btw shing, rounded corners for the flashback panel?

    • You are entirely correct, and I’m embarrassed!! Thank you for the catch/ I am the worst.

      • JJ

        As someone who has made zero mistakes in their entire life I can confirm: you’re the actual worst.

        • I used to be like you. Mistakes: not even once

  • Gathe

    I really like panel 3. Suda is obviously uncomfortable talking about this with his sister so he puts some distance between them. Perhaps even without realizing it he climbs to a place where she can’t follow him. Brilliant use of body language, there!

    • Haha, I have to try harder to get stuff past you guys :]

  • Oh, nooo, now I have completely caught up to real-time on another of your amazing comics. I’ve binged two sheng comics in as many days.

  • Amanda

    What a fantastic comic.

  • Enrique262

    A whole month without updates…

  • Andreas

    Ahh, I’ve fallen off a cliff! I thought there woukd be mooore. 2 days of reading and I’ve reached the comi’s edge…
    A great journey, though.

  • Koipup

    Suda is a total babe…is it just me or does anyone else think it would be great to be as tall and as skinny as Suda…he is literally my favorite character out of all of them right now and I’m dying to see what he does next! PLEASE UPDATE SOON I’M SCREAMING

  • that guy

    Yeah I’m late, but since a new page is up and the old page got a few fresh comments, I’ll chime in. Perhaps I’ll chime in again on some later page soon.

    I like how the siblings know they are children to an autocratic warlord, yet act so creeped out by the thought of dear Dad killing someone.

    • The kids are very sheltered. He rose to power mostly before they were born, and Rana (the eldest) was very very young when he formally became Emperor. They also almost never see their dad unless he needs them for something, and “bad” or subversive news doesn’t ever reach them either. Also, Phe had her foot on the brakes in the background for a lot of big decisions. Up until Chapter 2 he was actually softening a lot of his harder stances, even to the point of meeting with their enemy neighbor, which unfortunately didn’t go well.

  • that guy


    Thanks for the clarification! Stuff’s gotta be hard for Suda, now that big D is giving him personal lessons in overlordship.

    (I got a reply from The Shing herself. Now my life is complete.)

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