Dude’s seen some shit

A reminder! You can get notified easily by email when new pages go up… been pretty busy since last update, but the mailing list will at least mean you don’t have to keep coming back to check when I’m away for a bit.

Kickstarter backers! In case you missed the news, books are at the printers now and will be arriving in the US as scheduled in early 2017. But, you can grab your digital copy of the completely updated comic now, just check your backer email or backer messages for info on how to redeem that (and the wallpaper pack). I also took some time to start working on the bonus comic(s), which will be announced when they’re done… and of course, folks who missed the KS can find these items for sale separately at the Gumroad.

Speaking of busy stuff, things that are new to check out if you haven’t already

  • a tutorial on my comic coloring method, once on Patreon, now free!
  • same deal, a tutorial on how I write comics, again now free to read
  • as usual, all $5+ Patrons have access to all bonus content and the full tutorial archive (and new for 2017, giveaway club :[__])
  • and old news, but Mare Internum wrapped up a bit ago and the Interlude is happening soon

Also this is the first time I’ve drawn Luca’s face in the comic since 2010, I honestly haven’t drawn him at all since then (only painting, which is not quite the same). Feels weird to see him again!


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  • amrothsirfalas

    Guess what, I had clicked on the bookmark coz I was bored and a new page was actually up! Such luck. It’s like winning with cancer.

  • JJ

    “Makes you wonder about the monsters we ain’t seen yet” *enter Luca*
    such subtle!

    • Andreas

      Lol, cleverly so.

  • Lost Yooper

    I read the Captain’s lines with a pirate voice and I won’t lie, it was pretty epic.

  • TachyonCode

    I wound up here just because I’m subscribed to the RSS. I’m pleased by that, and this page :3

  • MiniMoose

    Luca, babe, I missed you most of all <3

  • chiz

    Daddy’s back!

  • Are we about to see a man brutally murdered?

  • RichWalk9891

    Long time no see, Luca.

    I wonder if the Leviathan is a creature we’ve seen before from Angora or Soli’s story arc, or if it’s a new one altogether?

  • Excuse my interruption, but you’re dissing my tiger bro here.

  • Jeremy

    I was wondering, will it be possible to buy a physical copy of the first volume of The Meek now that the kickstarter is over?

    • Yes, definitely… my main priority at the moment is finishing up the last rewards and making sure the books arrive to the correct places in the US so they can be distributed to everyone. But after that’s settled they should be available online and at conventions, as I am reaching the point in the process where it’s a necessity for me to leave the house :\

  • MikeLinPA

    There must be a connection between the Leviathan, the Tiger, and the, what was it, a Caterpillar? (So long ago, mind feeble…)

    • David

      The Space Polliwog!

      seriously though , I believe it’s a type of salamander

  • David

    Holy shit, new comic!

    I get the sense that Luca just zzzzipped in from all the way across the room

    • Vert

      No one ever sees him walk, he just suddenly shows up in unexpected places.

      Like in your sock drawer.

      Staring at you judgmentally.

      “What were you looking for?”

      • You’re just talking about my cat now

        • Jac

          Luca and a cat are pretty easily comparable tbh..

  • solace

    Please don’t kill him, I like him already. x)


    psst… Luca… I think he was talking about you.

  • Lilian

    For a while I thought Luca was sipping a drink.

    But no, he is holding a book.

    Observation fail.

  • TimesNewLogan

    Nooo! Not Hagrid!

  • TCRM

    Super rude guy. Super rude.

  • Luca, NO

  • PositronicGirl

    Is that eye thing a real thing? Like a biology thing?

    • Haha, yeah it’s a real thing, some species have an operculum in their eye to regulate light intake.

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