Oh Dagre :/

Thanks a ton to everyone who came out to Fanime and said hi :) It was great meeting with and talking to you! I am also happy to say that I sold out of all of my remaining signed/sketched Chapter 1 books, that’s quite a load off.

The reprint of Chapter 1, which will be done through the amazing 4DE folks, will not be available until late July/ Comicon. So if you are still hankering for a copy, you can look forward to getting it around then! Chapter 2 will be coming out after that. These new versions will contain some extra content not available online (and will be cheaper/ printed much nicer) so I am very excited about that. You can currently still pick up the awesomesauce Meek poster through 4DE right here (along with other merch from some of the best comics online today)!

Anyways, I’m already working on the next TWO pages for this week’s updates (omg) so please check back soon!