Next time you’re at a dinner party at which you are accused of murdering the host’s wife, remember to wear waterproof mascara! Rookie error.

I’m going to ask you guys a favor: if you’ve already read the sketch version of this chapter and are enjoying the current updates, please refrain from posting spoilers or hints to spoilers in the comments! I don’t want to discourage anyone from posting or looking through the comments for pages, since you all have very nice and valid things to say :3 If I can do it, so can you! haha… Thank you!

Quick comic pimp for today: Paradigm Shift! I was bouncing around from link to link when I found this, and thought it was worth a closer look. Extremely solid art (a bit more manga than I usually read, but good is good) and a very well paced and engaging story. The pacing is what stunned me, since the archives go back through 10 years of effort. But the story reads as smooth as you could hope, and has a few good twists :) I guess I caught it at a lucky time too since it is starting up again after a 1/2 year hiatus. Check it out!