Hello! New page :3

One of my tutoring students had read the first chapter (back when the sketches were still up online), and he asked “are they trying to rape her?” and I was like… uh, I guess? haha. Its sort of bad. But whatever, I’ve made my choice.

As usual, if you’re liking the comic so far please vote! Thanks so much for all your votes so far, The Meek is doing awesome for only having started this month.

This is the last week of Wednesday update, from now on I’m going to try for twice a week, so check back on Monday to see if I’ve uploaded something! I hope I will have! Even though I don’t remember what sleep is 8D

And as always, feel free to join the LJ Comm. You can post whatever the hell you want there as long as its about the comic, and so will I (probably).

Thanks for reading so far!


  • faerypocket

    Yet, another page greatly drawn and colored :)

    Poor guys…desperate for a little bit of bewbs :/

  • I adore this page, especially the forest shadows. I love the way you do shadows. The whole leafy tree thing is great.

    I vote every day, because I love this comic, and read the sketches all the time. :) So hopefully that helps.


  • Le Me

    Kiz is pretty hot man.

  • I wish I could digi-paint like you do. Teach me o great one!:3

  • cedarwolf22

    Bahaha, I love Kiz’s bugged out eyes in the last panel, and the lighting in the third panel is awesome.
    I am desperately trying to figure out if in instances like the last two panels you redraw the backgrounds so precisely or copy+paste them and make subtle changes? It are driving me nuuuuts.

  • Druida

    Give us more!
    more! XD

  • Sharmie: Thanks very much XD You have no idea how much I want to strangle those trees

    Chedds: YOU’LL NEVER KNOW never

  • cedarwolf22

    FINE THEN I’lldealwithyoulater >8(

  • Haha, creative censorship XD.

    The forest looks absolutely amazing! It’s great how you can even see the subtle moisture on the tree trunks :D.

    Also, I love the movement and dramatic poses in those last two panels =D.

  • ^^^ Agreed. Especially the very last panel. Exemplary.

  • Dan Bensen

    I really like how this whole situation is…terrible. I mean, those guys are chasing after this woman so they can rape her, but since we’re seeing their dialogue, the situation only seems annoying. The men aren’t really thinking about what they plan to do when they catch her—very cool.

    I also really like the shadows on the skin—except in the second cell, where the leaf shadows on Kiz’s skin look like leopard man spots. Is it okay to post criticism in these comments?

  • Thanks.. yeah the more I think about it the creepier it gets, but since its being presented more humorously its easy to overlook the scary rapist aspect, haha. And yeah, crits are fine XD I just won’t go back to change anything until later, cuz I’m lazy. I agree though I couldn’t get them to look the way I wanted…

  • Ok, this page was HILARIOUS to me.
    Why? Because of ‘Kiz’s name! I’m Turkish, and in Turkey ‘Kız’ means girl. Talk about irony, huh?
    Who’s the sissy now, Kiz? Hahaha! XD *snort*

    Anyway, this is looking really good. I can’t wait for the next page! ^^

  • Jason

    Lulz, Kiz is so funny. I love the shading. And Angora is just that awesome from what I’ve seen so far.

  • Good point about making a scary situation into something hilarious. I agree!

    Man, the coloring and lighting in these pages just….blows my mind. And I thought the sketch version was great. This is like a treat. :D I’m now using these as an incentive to get inspired to draw my stuff when I’m feeling particularly lazy.

    Is it bad that I think Kiz is kind of hot? I mean, look at that chest.

  • The colors and the dialogue so far is very good. I will continue to read this comic :) Keep up the kick ass work

  • I love the colours! and it looks interesting so far!
    the perspectives of the faces are awesome too!

    I don’t really get what it’s about, not yet. I’m sure I’ll find out in a few pages, though :)..
    are they woman-starved or something? XD

  • Lei

    And bAM! Stumbled upon a gem. Man, I love the artstyle. I do full-color myself and it takes like ..12 hours to finish a damn page sometimes, thats why im still at page 2 … after a few weeks lol. Your comic motivates, so a big thanks for that! How long does one page take you?

  • Jisun

    Lol, it’s pretty cool so far c:
    Can’t wait for more to be updated!

  • B

    Holy crap!

    Awesome looking/colored webcomic that isn’t shitty anime?

    Bout ‘damn time.

  • Bowee

    :”D can’t wait for the next page!! Also, uh… how do I vote? I want to, but I suck.

  • Mmm… beefy. I love those last two slides. Sexy shirtless forest guys!

    Hahaha, it sounds like that’s all I’m getting out of this comic. I’m not narrow-minded, really! Good job so far. <3

  • Ujana

    This has now been added to my favorite web comics list, and there was only two so far, so that makes Three!!! yaaaay! Everything about this is wonderful, especially the way you are presenting the situation. Quite awesome indeed….

    PS) do you have names for the other two guys besides kiz??? believe it or not, I really like the appearance of the one with the bandage on his head…. XD

  • the comic of the conveniently placed plant!

  • Llandner

    WTH Rape?!?!?!?

  • Southpaw

    Yeah, because rape, haha, hilarious! Excuse me while I go and throw up.

    • Haha, well, feel free not to read it. I’m not expecting the casual reader to be able to tell, but I’m not writing this story to amuse myself, it actually has some meaning to me. The fact that I’m starting out with rape (although I’m presenting it somewhat casually) will be more meaningful later on. But like I said, I wouldn’t expect you to know that, and either way you are still free to stop looking!

  • Vi

    Haha, oh boy, that last comment… While I get why Southpaw thinks he/she has reason to be concerned, what I got was that this situation is being portrayed without much gravity because the comic is primarily from Angora’s point of view. Angora doesn’t understand the gravity of the situation, so making the situation as light she she likely feels it is is a -good- storytelling dynamic. If Angora knew what was going on, she’d be freakin’ terrified, and this scene would be freakin’ terrifying. The purpose of this isn’t to take light of rape. It’s giving insight into Angora’s innocent character. If this was a comic about the men trying to rape a girl and still portrayed this scene as hilarious, that would be completely different, but seeing as it’s NOT, freaking out about the lightness is a major overreaction.

    Anyways, the comic is gorgeous. I’m really loving the style and colors so far! Don’t worry about undeserved flak like that, I’m certain it will be minimal compared to all the deserved praise you get on it. :)

    • It is really about context, haha! And I don’t mind Southpaw’s comment, I definitely get where she/he was coming from since it is a bit strange to start a story on that kind of note. I was more talking about some other comments I didn’t let through that were just spammy.

      The point is that she didn’t get caught, and if she did (and something awful happened) I definitely wouldn’t be mixing it up with fluffy animals and physical humor… thanks for the comment!

  • yim-yam

    what happened to the back of that guys head?

    • Something fell on him, probably!

  • Vanessa_KuDu

    oh man… i somehow can tell what’s the story about… though I believe youve got much more juicy stuff within!

    Great characters. and YAY BOOBS. and IDK MAN YOURE SO SKILLFUL I LOVE YOUR PANELLINGS holy crap <3 <3 <3

  • Jadd

    Hey, I like the visual style of the comic, but I have to say, the nudity’s just too much for me to handle, so I’m not gonna quit reading what looks like an otherwise excellent comic.

    • Wait, not going to quit reading, or are going to quit reading? Either way, thanks for visiting :) If you are going to keep reading you’ll find out that the nudity is not done in a tasteless manner and is meant to make the character more naturalistic.

  • TekServer

    Heh. The only thing that amazes me more than the oversensitivity of some people is the desperation of the Political Correctness movement to try and appease them.

    Kudos to people with thick skins!


  • Eva

    Dude, you are coming off as an ignorant douche. It’s one thing to make a “humorous” comic about rape and stand by its offensiveness as… well, extremely offensive but “funny”, or extremely offensive but an expression of your constitutional right to free speech. It’s quite another (freaking awful) thing to not even seem to REALIZE how offensive it is. To not seem to care that rape is horrible, violent, and soul-damaging to women (aka your mothers, sisters, friends). “I GUESS”? What the hell is THAT? Do you not think rape is a big deal? Because news flash, it is.

    • I never said rape is not a big deal! Obviously it is, and if you knew anything about my background or education (not that I’m expecting you to, but you know), you’d know I’m not making light of it.

      Nor am I making light of rape in the context of the comic, but rather in my comments to a friend of mine. I felt okay about doing that with him because
      – Actual rape in this comic is only implied, not explicitly stated
      – The person I was talking to is intelligent enough to know that rape or assaults against women is not a good thing
      – He knows (and my readers know) that I am not the kind of person to joke about a non-fictional rape situation
      – actual rape or assault outside of the grabbing of Angora’s arm does not occur in the comic, and is presented in a negative light
      – in the comic, the attempted assault is rejected by other characters and is ultimately punished

      Hopefully that gives you a bit of insight as to that specific comment. Of course you are free to keep your opinion of the comic or myself based on three pages of material and an authors comments, but I am not going to change my comic because of it.

  • Kız means “girl” or “female” in turkish. LoL anyway…

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