Ughhh this PAGE. I was dreading doing this one, and once I started it was just as bad as I’d feared, haha. Real sorry its up so late but I couldn’t avoid it. For some reason the Wednesday pages are tough and the Saturday posted pages are easy to do… so the next page will be up on Saturday like usual.

Anyways yeah, awful page, but I really enjoyed the idea of it, haha. Getting kind of crazy now! This page is one of the few in which I heavily referenced my sketch page, you can see that in the vote incentive.

Blah blah blah. The silly thing is that I tried an experiment this week where I did things slower and got more sleep, but now I’m stressing because I’m behind schedule. I’ve got my health BUT AT WHAT COST lol

Okay enough bullshitting, again, sorry to make you all wait! Hopefully you weren’t holding your breath or you’d be dead by now! My only consolation is that I know for a fact that my readers are amazing and you’ll (probably) forgive me, haha.

And because life isn’t complete without these; Twitter, Facebook and LJ. See ya!


  • Well I DON’T forgive you. What NOW?!

    :giggle: Just kidding. =P Why are you dreading this page? It’s pretty awesome. “Grows flowers in the spring” *gigglesnort* Ah, does that really happen?

  • Yay! Awesome page, I like the different angles and the expressions are priceless. Poor Angora ;_; Although I’m sure she’ll do something for it, and then I’ll probably have to say “Poor Pinter” xD

    Also, have you done any pictures of her with flowery hair? I’d love to see C:

  • Elle

    I don’t really get why Pinter’s smiling in those two panels…

    I get that he’s giving her the clothes because he doesn’t want the loggers to molest her n’ junk, but I don’t get the expressions…

    • Haha, he’s smiling cuz its either that or flip out! Secretly he’s a nice guy.

    • Otaku-sama

      it is the most reasonable reaction after hearing a weird naked-girl with an unbelieving story saying that it actually grow flowers in her hair! woah! you can imagine what Pinter is thinking about her! ;-D

  • What awful? I don’t see anything remotely awful about this page. I love Angora’s angry face in the second panel, and I’m lovin’ the bold oranges and reds you use in backgrounds of angry people!

    Oh Pinter. So easily alarmed by naked psycho girls :)

    • lol, sorry I meant awful to execute. I think the end product looks okay but just getting there was like ughhh

  • Beff

    It’s so refreshing to see a webcomic that isn’t all manga eyes and chibi characters. P=

    I’m loving it so far! And I think your pages have been consistently good! ^^ I’m loving the sense of humour too, and how now it seems normal to be reading about the exploits of a naked girl… o.o

  • Typical artist, never satisfied with their work. The page looks great. I just wish I could draw/colour/use PS like this. I love Angora’s expressions in the second, fourth, and fifth panels.

    And what is wrong with Pinter! How many guys here would throw a cute naked girl out of their tent?

    I thought her green hair was natural. :P And Elviella, if you look at the banner at the top of the page, you will see she does have a flower in her hair.

  • marinatedfish

    Forgiven! :3
    Hey, sometimes tumbnailed pages come in handy.
    And,god, Pinter’s chubbyness is really well done.
    Just look at that belly!!

  • It just occurred to me that Pinter probably sleeps with his shoes on..

  • kat

    The white background in the first panel is a little off putting for me. It looks… unfinished? Otherwise a wonderful page as usual.

    • Thanks! It would have been a relatively boring bg (brown) anyways, but I didn’t compare to see which looked better (I just liked his silhouette). I’ll try it out with a panel instead and see if it looks better!

      • kat

        I see what you mean by the contrast and the silhouette. Maybe a lighter tan that matches the tent walls, his hair would get lost/muddled in a brown bg. We know they’re huddling in a dank tent, I guess that’s why the white seems so out of place.

        But you’re the artist and I’m really just picking at nits here.

  • pinter’s GRIN ahahahahaha …perfect thing to see at 6.30am.

    to build on what eugene said, after a weekend of camping myself, i realize pinter’s tent must smell…special. between the alcohol and the lack of clothes changing and the humidity. one of those smells only the owner could tolerate.

    • lol, “special.” Yeah, I imagine it must be preeety funky in there… nice mix of ‘pits and other damp gross things XD

  • Tecnido

    wow. haha I love this page. xDDD
    Poor Angora though .__.

  • I love how she emphasizes her point about respecting Pinter’s personal space by sticking her nose in his face XD

    Pinter’s expression in the third panel could look a bit more forced, looking a little too happy happy for someone throwing a crazy chick out of his tent. Otherwise it’s such a lovely page.

    • I’m glad you noticed the personal space thing, haha. And thanks for the crit on the expression, I will have to reexamine that panel!

  • Just…brilliant. Love the second panel. Also, I want to have an affair with Pinter’s nose.

  • O!

    Yay! “Flap” is still there! It was the sound effect I was looking forward to most!

    You think I’m being sarcastic. You think wrong.

    Beautiful as always.

    • Haha, “flap” is one of my brother’s favorite words. I couldn’t bear to leave it out!

  • Amanda

    I love this comiiiiiic!
    Pinter is shaping up to remind me of my boyfriend! Chubby, cute, big nose, anal with his stuff… If only he had a playoff beard. Then we’d be in business.

    This page is gorgeous, as with all your art! Love love love love love.

  • Eli

    It’s a boring comment, but I LOVE your comic. Your style is great.

  • Veitstanz

    I love how Pinter, instead of starting to scream at Angora (which he clearly doesn’t outrule as option) puts on that forced smile. XD

  • CptnSuz

    Hahaha! Nothing says “I’m mad” like flapping your tent flap closed!

  • stephanie

    he seems kinda mean!! she was just looking for help :(
    yet she was a little intrusive. the middle panels look like he’s too happy (although i assume he’s purposely drawn forced-smiling) but maybe his eyes shoulda been a little less friendly in those 2 shots. make him look more aggrevated, but tryyyinng to be nice :D

    • Haha, I think they both need to get some sleep and start over. I’ll think more about that expression in the middle panels, he’s supposed to look smiley but maybe its not coming off sarcastic enough! Thanks!

  • farorna

    I disagree, this page is pretty awesome! :D

    I love the second panel. LOVELOVELOVE it. And I like the way you drew the sixth panel…….not sure why, but I really do.

  • White Pawn

    You worry to much, we read and vote even if it’s late :)

    At least mr Pinter did the honorable thing and showed the insane lady the way out.

  • Az

    Hah, Pinter is love XD He’s got such huge eyes.
    He er…looks a little insane in that fourth panel O.o But I guess it’s justified, considering he’s got some crazy naked chick in his tent ‘disturbing’ his personal space

  • Otaku-sama

    “very nice of him to give some clothes to poor people”… hehehe XD

    but the question is, would Angora be willing to wear clothes?
    I mean, we know she is going to have some dressing anyway, but I wonder why she would do that?
    What motivates her to wear those clothes? Is it because she felt somehow rejected from “clothed-people”?

  • Lambcake

    Beautiful page! I envy your tallent.

    Ha ha, the last panel keeps making me think of Mitch Hedberg talking about getting into a fight with his girlfriend inside a tent and trying to storm out and slam the flap…oh, wait, no one knows what I’m taking about… :)

    • lollll wow you’re right, that is sort of the same. I haven’t thought about that line in years!

  • DigiPhantom

    I love Pinter’s attitude about this whole thing, I would probably let Angora run amok cause I’m a weenie. I love the smile in the third panel, and what he then said.

    You rock socks. Hard.

  • sweet_gardenia

    lols BYE NOW SHOVE

    Poor Angora. I feel bad for her but I can’t help but laugh too because the timing in this panel is perfect. I think my favorite line was the bit about her hair. I HAVE BEAUTIFUL HAIR AND IT SMELLS LIKE BEAUTIFUL FLOWERS. UNLIKE YOU PINTER. YOU”RE A SMELLY POOP HEAD. SO THERE. NYEAH. Hey it’s about time she escaped from that tent which reeks of boy-funk I imagine. Egh now I am espeically anxious to see Saturday’s comics because I am trying my darndest to figure out how she convinces Pinter to go along for the ride. It doesn’t look good :(


    (but we all know that’s the sound of moobs striking together at high velocity XD)

    • !!! MOOBFLAPS

      Or for marketing to kids,


      • sweet_gardenia

        Because the Z makes it EDGY and that’s what kids like! :D

  • whatwith

    I’m gonna take up some space here and add another voice to the crowd saying that they’re digging Pinter. I’m very curious to hear the story behind Angora’s hair.

  • Cookie Monster

    Haha, I read Angora’s “flowers in the spring” line in a little girl’s voice.

    “Hey, kid, your hair’s ugly.”


    Ohohoho, I’m sorry, it was funnier in my head.

    • XD Thats a pretty good paraphrase, actually…

  • Dean

    Pinter is such a sexpot. <3

  • Katherine

    I forgive you. .. but don’t get used to it! jks :) :D |:(

  • MR. Seiv

    That’s it.. this guy is gay? i mean.. i like this comic but feel awkward for Pinter..

    didnt mean to see about sexy stuff but atleast he could act like a man like gentle offer that weird girl some clothes and/or making fun of her for being naked more

    or he’s just unique, lol. but still weird and gay to me.

    • Haha, he’s not gay. I think its more like he’s completely annoyed and uninterested (and hungover)

      • james

        I’ll say this much: hungover or not, if a pretty naked girl comes into my tent and asks for favors, I’m really not sure I’d able to refuse. (Moldy hair notwithstanding.) Angora must be excruciatingly irritating.

  • It’s normal to never be happy with a page- heck, in a month from now, you’ll probably have an epiphany on how to make it even better. But you know what? Keep moving on! This page is already an improvment from the first version. I like the new angle you choose on how to end it. Pinter is shutting Angora AND us, the readers, out of his tent.
    Nicely done (I actually like the borderless, white bg first panel).

    • Thanks, haha, I keep forgetting that its normal to hate everything I finish! And I’m glad you like the white panel, I still sort of like it as well although some people thought it was a bit jarring.

  • whooomeek

    wow, i admire your discipline! i mean, being able to get down and deal with the page when you’re already having thoughts about it being tough. amazing work ethic.
    seriously though, if you need to take a break you should, because we need you in good health! D: the meek must go on!

    btw, your deviantart stuff is really great. everyone should go see!!!

    • Haha, thanks. I’m trying to be responsible, its just hard to get everything I want done and still have time to sleep. Maybe if I clone myself…

  • whooomeek

    oh, and my faves are the last two panels. it’s a wonder how you got the tent flaps looking so darn REAL. like with pinters shadow and the light from the lamp behind it. awesome.

  • This page made me laugh – I love how he’s yelling and so upset, and instead of throwing her out and slamming a door in her face.. the tent.. flaps closed. It seems a little anti-climatic, because she can very well sneak her way back in since it’s only a cloth. I love it though, and I think this page is one of my favourites. :3

  • 8D So glad to see this scene again! That was one of my favorites… well, along with pretty much every other one, but you get the idea :B.

    I can’t see anything wrong with the page (sorry) XD. I like how the first panel has no borders. It really puts the focus on Pinter and makes the following one pop out nicely.

    By the way, what font do you use? It’s really nice and clean.

  • you know you say thing like that, and i have no idea why? i mean it looks great! really! so i always wonder, what you think goes wrong.

  • Treyos

    Wow, that was pretty harsh… though I guess I can’t blame him for getting irritated since she’s interrupting his sleep. Would like to see her hair in full bloom, though. ;)

  • Elvis

    I thought this page was pretty great! I loved the nice touch on the last panel with the light from inside the tent and the shadows.

  • Korilian

    Once Angora was out of earshot, Pinter called the child services to tip them off about the weird teenager who got abandoned in the woods by some old guy who made her run around with no clothes on…. :)

  • Isabel

    What are you saying about awful, this is my favorite page so far : D (And the next one will be my favorite as soon as it comes out, but yeah) I like Pinter’s expressions the most even if he does weirdly remind me of my biology teacher who is sort of not cool. D : But the point is that I love your comic and semistalk you thanks goodbye.

  • I really like how Pinter pops out in the first panel! It’s like he wants to attack Angora but he doesn’t stand a chance 8D
    Pinter’s really a nice guy… since he’s so annoyed by Angora but still gives her some clothes. I mean – I wouldn’t do that haha

  • Jason

    Hey, how are ya?

  • meek

    So… was there another letter I missed in the incentive/scramble deal? Lostttt…

  • Christina

    All I can say is I’m glad you updated and YOU ARE AWESOME!

  • I love your comic! It’s soo well done, and detailed, and colors are amazing! You’re my idol :)

  • XD aahah, this story is fantastic :3 I am in love with it and its characters so far (the art is awesome too!) It keeps me willing to see more and more :3 Going better by the page!! ;)

  • Silver Lady

    Initially I thought it was normal her hair being green. Y´know, I thought this story was a kind of manga (take that as a compliment), and manga characters have their hairs of all colours.

    Angora should at least tie a cloth to hang her breasts, or they´ll be hanging on her wrist when she´ll have twenty! LOL

  • mattie

    Wow. A naked chick walks into his tent in the wilderness, and he kicks her out?

  • Space c0w Girl

    Omg this is so funny XD

  • Lily

    Oh my word! I love think comic it is hilarious!

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