Wet and dry at the same time :\


  • Esile Sonia

    YES! It’s baaack! :D

    But why is the booze gone?

    • The Talking TP

      Correction: “But why is the rum gone!?”

      Great second day of a comic! :D

      • Esile Sonia

        I knew the original quote, just didn’t think that Pinter was drinking rum. :)

        • SotiCoto

          Coulda been Bootleg Bacardi.

      • Jesse

        ; [)

    • The Talking TP

      Jack Sparrow: “But why is the rum gone!?”

      Ahh….good to have this comic back! Missed it a whole bunch! :D

  • LeDayz

    New pages, glee! Welcome back!

  • Wow, I’m so glad it’s back! I’ve been following The Meek since you first put up the sketched out thumbnails….which means that I know the plot for another four or five chapters, but that’s okay!

  • Musidora

    Pinter’s leafy-rainbonnet is lovely. Great panelling and expressions…!

  • thorsini

    This has brought joy and delight into my dreary raincloud day.

  • Shofet

    The leaf hat is the best part of this page.

  • Cece

    Should have wrapped that jar in your clean underwear, Pinter. (Gosh! It’s good to have these characters back!)

    • Clean… underwear… >_>

      • I think he means that so it wouldn’t have cracked. Clean Underwear was chosen for humor.

        • I get it. I mean to imply that it’s very unlikely that he has any clean underwear/ underwear left at this point.

  • CJ

    Yay for a new page! I’m really liking the coloring on this chapter. :) Pinter’s leaf-hat is adorable.

  • JGentileschi

    I can empathize Pinter. Losing booze is tragic. ;_;

  • Eto

    It’s wonderful to see you updating again. <: Lovely coloring and expressions as always.

  • Bahaha. The leaf the leaf the leaf. I love Pinter and I’ve missed him.

  • michael

    Indecisive Pinter is Best Pinter.

  • If it were possible to by wallpaper that was just a repeating pattern of Pinter’s various facial expressions, I’d coat my entire damn house in it.

    Loving the new pages!

  • Sharpington

    Aahh loving this quick, smooth inking style. And that first panel is especially pretty <3

    I'm sure you know the site is a little glitchy, but just want to say I can't get to the last page by hitting "previous." I get a 404 every time.

    • Ugh, really sorry about that! I’ll try to fix that as soon as I can!

  • es

    I love the brighter palette for the scene change! So glad to see updates :) Also Pinter’s fat-beard.
    I too ge a 404 50% of the time, I hope it’s not too hard to fix. Thanks for sharing this comic. Here’s to perseverance!

  • djinn

    The colours are so beautiful! Lovely stuff!

  • Tim

    You’re BACK! YAY!

    SO glad this didn’t turn into a deadcomic…

    • Me too, since that would mean I was a deadartist D:

      • Anton

        If you would have been a deadartist would the lights in your room be deadlights that swallow tortured childrens souls like in Stephen King novels?

        • Tortured neglected characters’ souls, rather.

          • Anton

            I have a fevah, and the only pahscriptiawn is moah tawtured neglectahd characte’s’ sawls.

  • Leluke

    God, I’d almost forgotten how much I love Pinter, I can’t wait to see his reaction next week!

  • Dear Alex, what can we do to make sure the Meek stays on the air?

  • Kyn

    His use of “We” indicates this is going to turn spastic. Or, you know, more spastic than normal.

  • taburde

    You’re back! I’m so happy that you’re not dead :)

    On another note; Love how you can make your comics so expressive.

  • YAY (: LOVE this page~ You really are fantastic at backgrounds. I love the gloomy blues and greens.

  • Who even thought it was a good idea to keep alcohol in jars

  • Ahhh! It’s another page! Thank you DS! This really was a wonderful surprise.

    And Pinter is such a hysterical cutie XD

  • Enigmatic_Spectator

    The leaf on his head in the last three panels almost seem alive, what’s with it looking inside the bag, then looking at the empty beer jar, and freaking out with Pinter as the realization of no more beer sinks in.

    • Olivia

      Oh my gosh, it totally does! That’s so cute! I wonder if it was intentional.

      Awesome page! I love these frequent updates.

  • Loving the color palette of this page. The expressions are quite entertaining as well!

  • eschmenk

    Is this a sign of how long the comic was on hiatus? The copyright says 2011. :razz:

    Very glad for the updates.

    • Haha, basically…. 10 months hiatus! arhgh (also used wrong page template, obvs)

  • Graham

    It’s been so long since I’ve read chapter 1 that I forgot about the jars!

    Which page were they last mentioned? I don’t recall.

    • They’ve been around! He started the story with a lot more though :C

  • Literas

    Is some amount of time supposed to have passed between this and last page? It’s not very clear :/ I don’t know how comic artists do it, but perhaps you could illustrate that somehow (the passage of time, I mean)

    Aside from, I’m loving the more vibrant colours, the leafy hat and most of all, the expressions <3 I'm really bad at expressions, I admire how you manage to instill so much emotion in yours :)

    • (Ideally) this would be more obvious when read rapidly/ in sequence; there’s a color shift/ setting shift and the type of abrupt transition generally means a change of some kind. BUT the magic of webcomics is that you’ll miss that entirely because you stare at a single page once a week XD I do a pass at the end of the chapters to tighten anything leftover though, so I’ll keep your comment in mind!

      • Syhkane

        Does tightening include fixing things like page 3.04? Still no tattoos on her face… ;D

        • Syhkane

          Actually that page the the 3 before it need to get a little bit of blue in them.

        • All of that was fixed for the print version :) Just haven’t had time to replace these files with the clean ones (they are borderless too).

          • Syhkane

            Oh good. Glad to hear.


  • LukemanBack

    This whole comic would make a great TV show.

  • Lee M

    “I’m such a jerk”. Yeah, that’s right, agree with her when she can’t hear you…

  • Nick

    Awesome comic! I remember reading the first 2 pages a couple of years ago. I’m completely hooked. It’s just such a damned shame great things comes at a cost. In this time and money I guess.

    Amazing work Alexds1. High quality stuff. Thanks for sharing it! <3

  • It’s great to see you up and running again. I’m contemplating starting a webcomic of my own (but I can’t figure out what to do it for), and it’s good to know if I have to leave it for a bit, I can.

  • TakerFoxx

    Ironically, he’s more likely to die out there than she is, given her upbringing.

    • Arieos

      and supernatural powers…. just saying

  • Jrue

    (voice of Jim Ross) OH MY GOD! THAT’S ALEXDS1’S MUSIC!

    Glad you’re back.

    Pinter is still an alcoholic.

  • tahrey

    Welcome back! :)

    And thank Jam for letting us know the good news

  • John

    Yay! Meek is BACK Baby!

  • darkelf

    why for is he talking to hiself like golem is it the one jar to dink them all.

  • Gingerfu

    Why is his expression in the last panel so adorable?

  • Cbleman

    Noticed you are back. Glad to see the pages up and running again. Sometimes real life trumps putting out a (Free) comic. Err, every time I click on the Store link, I get a 404 error. Support the comic?

  • I am so so happy you started the comic up again!!

  • Ah, I’m so grateful that this comic updated :) Its plot is so engaging that I kept coming back, even throughout the hiatus.

  • BentKatana

    So awesome to see these updates, I’ve missed these characters so much! You draw a beautiful damp jungle! :)

  • Glass

    I’m so happy you’re back!!!! :D

  • You may have forgotten to colour in his gums. Either that or Pinter’s got some medical issues (dehydration, was it?)

    • Jrue

      Ten months is a long time for an alkie to go without a drink.

  • Tim Kietzman

    Man I love reading your comic. I do hope you won’t run into another big hiatus again for a while…

  • Gaboris

    My prayers have been answered! YAAAY!
    Awesome to see you and the comic back. I was startin to worry. :D

    Yeah Pinter is kind of a Jerk, but I’ll love to see how he turns out in the end so keep up the awesome work! :3

  • Anneliese

    I LOVE YOU. thank you so much for updating. I have been waiting a whole year. THANK YOU SO MUCH. I LOVE YOU.

  • omes

    you’re baaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaack!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!?1?!
    :DDD excuse me while i dissolve into paroxysms of fangirl joy

  • David A.

    Welcome back.

  • Crestlinger

    Karma Detox. Aka Don’t PO the Angora.

  • DreamCarver

    And now he’s gonna backtrack to Angora and grumpily admit his wrongs. Or something like that.

  • Corbie

    Now Pinter can’t deny any more that running off in the wilderness was a crackpot idea, verbally.
    Glad that the comic is back! :)

  • Elmenora

    I’m soooooo happy to see this comic back! And it’s awesome as always :D

  • Homes

    You’re back!!!! I desperately need to know how this story goes.

  • GABY

    AWESOME! I have been dying to see this update. I really believe this story has a lot of potential, and am glad you’re continuing with it! Please see it to the end! :D

  • Luis Carlo

    Well, Pinter is such an ass…i kinda like him.

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