Strange times, strange happenin’s

Cool stuff: found this super nice double comic fanart yesterday by Juan, a long-time reader… love how determined Angora looks here :]

And thanks to Deadshirt for the nice Meek review earlier this week too~

Also! I’ve been updating Patreon with worldbuildy stuff for both comics, for all the $5+ Patrons. I have so much bg material that isn’t going into the comic so it’s nice to have a chance to share it. Last week was some info on these two, in case you missed it.

Apologies in advance for minor delays… my main work computer died and needs to be sent back to manufacturer/ fixed/ sent back to me, the turnaround is about 3 weeks. I’m on a computer that seems to find running Photoshop to be the most difficult thing ever. Painting these huge pages is a pain and a half. Anyhow I’m doing my best to get these pages out at reasonable times but also making them look consistent despite dealing with lag and such.

Today’s bonus art: The comic is less cartoony than it was when I was thumbing it, but Pinter is probably still thinking this


  • Woah !

    I wonder if it’s one of the 2 entities we know of.

    We know it was on sea border but I wonder where on the map he was.

    • Vert

      I think this is entity #3, the water one that’s probably associated with Soli in some way. I recall from old DA posts that there are at least three.

  • JJ

    Huh, could Soli have a watery animal-deity-companion?

  • Lilian

    Why, that both looks and sounds like a very large and supernatural version of a manta ray.


    • elielh

      That was my first tought too.

  • Dreampiper


  • Oooh! I love the little snippets of all these fantastical creatures that we get over the course of the comic. I always found myself thinking it was somewhat odd that the only two supernatural beings that we’d seen were taking the forms of a tiger and a salamander. I can’t wait to see where this goes.

  • Mal-L

    Neat to see the proto-meek… Kinda want to see the early bible now, well once the series is done.

    • High chance we will both be dead before that happens, but I will probably post parts of the bible for Patrons at some point for funzies~

  • Kelsey Raabe

    Is it safe to assume Angora continued on without them and is now in mortal danger?

    • DukeBG

      She’s up in the branches somewhere, going faster than them, so yeah

  • An Average Loser

    Oh Pinter, didn’t anyone tell you that even the best myths and stories have a degree of truth in them? Please don’t be the Scully. Please don’t be “that” guy.

  • Corbie

    Flying Manta Ray, maybe? I wonder if Dagre has another brother, and what that one’s up to. :)

    • Lilian

      The real question is, what does their MOTHER think of all of this squabbling?

  • EEEK! This is so exciting! I remember back in the day an image on dA of big skeletons and people were speculating on one being a ray or something?? Could this be it?!

    So so so glad you’re updating again, The Meek is my favourite webcomic!

    • NO stop remembering things hahaha

      • it’s already forgotten. where am i

      • Lilian

        Olm = Earth. We see Mocheril’s minion wielding the power to manipulate plants.

        Tiger = Fire. Dagre’s minion is roasting things with his hands.

        Ray = Water. Soli has a lovely blue tattoo alluding to tears. The title of her first chapter also mentions water.

        Also in the DA piece was the skull of a bird. Bird = Air.

        Eyup. It’s coming together.

  • skollipsism

    yiss you keep picking the coolest animals for deities

    • god fucking dammit lol

    • My gosh, I was seriously just on my way to photoshop the same thing when I saw you’d already posted a brilliant one XD

    • This… This is beautiful :o

  • That’s a creepy thing there bro.

  • anton

    I just did something terrible… In my head I made Etan sound like David Mitchell.

    • Lar

      I cannot unhear that.

  • Lar

    Oh man, I want that “sea devil” as my tumblr icon. That panel is so cool.

  • Vert

    Hey Der-Shing, is Allodia host to things like malaria and sleeping sickness? ’cause those two have got some *serious* bugs going on.

    • yeah those guys need some DEET like yesterday

  • Vert

    How does Etan’s hat stay on? Does he have a bun and a hatpin under there?

    … if not, he should.

  • Lovecraftprodigy

    its really happening! you’re updating! You’re here to stay! : >

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