And then it dawned on her~

(Actually, the weather/ environment has been mirroring the narrative for the entire chapter).

One more page :O See you tomorrow


  • Patrick

    Nice, they’re getting close. :3
    How old are they anyway? I’m just curious about if Pinter has difficulty talking with her (her being half naked), or he thinks of her as a kid.
    And also I want to know if there is some kind of romance developing here.

    • I’m guessing she’s about 15 and he’s in his 30’s?

    • She’s 15, he’s about 25.

      Usually I don’t answer anything that might be spoilery but in general I hate writing romance themes and avoid them, haha. Also I personally think anything other than platonic would be creepy in this situation, but that said, it’s one of my comics, so who knows.

      • Patrick

        Well, I didn’t even expect a romance theme as a major one and I’m really glad it won’t be about it. :D Just wanted to know how many emotions there will be between them (because they can also be a heavy burden).
        Anyway thanks for answering. ^^

      • Minno

        Everything I get from the writing is that it’s a purely platonic, father-daughter-ish relationship, and it’s nice to hear that from the author. Being closer to Pinter’s age, I agree that it would be kind of creepy if there were anything romantic there.

        • Numengar

          Well, so the romance is confirmed, because…”kind of creepy” is one of the main things going on in all this so far, it would fit perfectly, and be a nice counterbalance to the other 2 chapters.
          The healty romance between a guy and the halfnaked teenager in the woods, the struggeling recently widowed single father-emperor, and as a normal contrast the 2 lovebirds with lots of children around.

    • David

      I could see love developing, but I think it would be more of a paternal type of love, rather than romantic.

  • Loving the chapter so far – nice to see Pinter can actually be human towards Angora! Tiny quibble: in frame 3, you have “you’re you’re” on the first line.

    • Haha, saw that as soon as I uploaded, as usual. Fixed now!

  • That’s a really awww moment, but I’m also realizing Pinter’s right shoulder/ribs injury should be treated fast D:

    • Minno

      Don’t worry, fictional wounds usually don’t get infected. A bit of being a protagonist and he’ll be fine.

      • Vert

        No need to be a protagonist, a nice shot of Angora-Gro (TM) heals up severe wounds on even the most unpleasant of characters.* Works while you sleep!

        * Results not guaranteed and may vary. Healed area may have a grassy appearance for an unknown amount of time. Angora has not been evaluated by the FDA and is not intended to treat or cure any disease. Use as directed. If you experience uncontrolled growth for longer than four hours, you may be at risk for a severe complication called Tetsuo disease, seek medical attention immediately.

        • Not Tetsuoooooooooooooooooooooo!!

          • Rotating Metal Junk: ACTIVATE!

    • David

      I’m thinking that Angora will do some of that herbal healing shtuff, like she did on Tanome.

      I also predict that she’ll help him carry stuff and do chores… for about 1 day, and then she’ll revert to swinging through the trees.

  • Epamynondas

    Real question is, is Angora strong enough to carry their baggage?

    • Did pinter even went away with their luggages ? I don’t see his map nor bag

  • Cthulhufish


    It would be a lot happier if Pinter wasn’t, like, bleeding out… but you take the good with the bad I guess?

  • Restposten

    For someone who’s exhausted, in massive pain and also slightly drunk, Pinter gives some kinda good advice and moral support.

  • Brian


  • Karyl

    I think Pinter’s on the way to being a good friend for Angora and it’s about time! She could do a lot for him too if he would not presume he knew best for her. This whole situation probably woke him up to some of that at least.

  • <3 <3 <3 <3
    Absolutely love this page. I've been looking forward to this like… since before the hiatus xD
    :'D :D
    Yay, my beloved characters get along well again! :D

  • Lee M

    “Actually, the weather/ environment has been mirroring the narrative for the entire chapter”

    One of those things the less observant reader (me) doesn’t necessarily pick up on, but subconsciously it works brilliantly.

  • MeLee

    Aw, that’s so sweet! :3 Now can someone please have a look at the holes in Pinter’s body and Angora’s probably broken nose? ;p

  • amrothsirfalas

    That’s cute … except the fact that it looks like Pinter is bleeding out and will soon lose consciousness

  • Mal-L

    D’aw Angora may be self-centered at times and Pinter may be traumatized, alcoholic and directionless but they’re both good people.

    Probably not ready to handle a genocidal emperor and evil Tiger-god at the moment, but they’ll get there.

    I wonder when we’ll find out who the grass-puff dude is.

  • David

    What is that doober Angora wears around her neck? Is that Pinter’s shirt? I missed when she started wearing that.

    • It’s a neckscarf; she borrowed it (haha) from Pinter in Chapter 1

  • artkadet

    Perhaps it’s just the lighting, but has Angora’s hair gone back to blonde? And what changed it green in the first place? She was blonde in that flashback…

    • Yep, just the lighting! Supposed to be direct low/ dawn lighting, so kind of blown out.

    • its just from the lighting its still green has for why her hair is green dunno

      • Fal

        iirc people said it was moss growing in her hair (like in sloth’s fur), due to her living in the woods with her grandpa.

  • Lilian

    It’s true. Being a teenager is tough.

  • roof

    i! love! this! page!!!!!!!

  • heres my two cents on the relationship bit, if they end up has a couple good for them if not they are certinly strengthing thier relationship, also 5 years difference is NOT that big, anything over 5 could be an issue, for anyone whos never actually been in a relationship i honestly say you have no right to judge because age really is just numbers by todays standards, a good example of that is how young people are starting to have sex at, after all look at the whole young guys getting with older women thing, whats wrong with younger women getting with older guys, anywho thats just my opinon, take it or leave it.

    • Yeah, but it’s more like 10 years difference. I think the general dating rule is 1/2 your age plus seven? So round down to Pinter is 24, (24/2= 12), (12+7 = 19). So minimum dating age is around there. A 15 year old is below the age of consent (by many modern standards) anyhow.

      • Ahh fair point see i got myself confused thinking she was 20 not 15 the dyslexia in my brain decided to kick in, However i am big enough to admit when i am wrong i bow to you for pointing out my mistake and thank you.
        With that exit center stage left.

      • Tadrix

        Where from is this rule? (Question isn’t rhetorical, I really would like to know.)

        Anyway, historically age of consent could be 14, or even as low as 12 (which could be too low even by standards of ages long gone).

        Anyway, as some time ago I needed to make my own “rule of thumb” to use in discussions about ages of consent in various ages and cultures, might as well share it here:

        (LoA − 6) / 2, rounded up
        where LoA is age of the youngest participant.

        Example: Angora is 15, so her partner could be as old as 15 + (15 − 6) / 2 = 20. Result a little more generous but still nearing Der-Shing’s estimates. For her with Pinter to be an “appropriate” couple she should be at least 19.

        • Just a common rule of thumb, you can google it (I don’t know the origin off the top of my head). And yeah I said that most ages of consent are not that low but I don’t really want to get into a discussion of the alternatives since that often comes off like a devil’s advocate kind of conversation about justifying pedophilia or something. Generally it’s accepted that people that age don’t have the same brain development or life experiences as a person even a few years younger, and are at higher risk of being taken advantage of.

          All moot because again, I think the characters have more important things to worry about than romantic relationship stuff, haha.

  • Lar

    I know she’s crying, but Angora is super cute in the second panel.

  • Gathe

    At times Pinter and Angora really remind me of me and my younger sister.

  • Gathe

    By the way, I just heard about your minicomic The Tide. Is that one still available somewhere? I would love to read it.

  • Awww I love them <3

  • Carrot


    Really though, this page is A+. Angora looks so lost and confused I want to give her a hug — I’d give Pinter a hug too, but that might just end up hurting him more.

    I always assumed Angora was in her late teens, though (I’ve probably been reading too many manga where there are great liberties taken with age). Knowing that she’s only fifteen makes me more upset about everything she’s had to go through already, aha. Hang in there, Angora.

  • Interesting to see that this world has the concept of a “teenager”. :)

  • Ar

    How to adult: I have no idea what I’m doing.

    This is accurate.

  • Fal

    Awww so sweet!

  • jk

    Does anyone else feel like Pinter is the son of the king? (i forgot his name). They sort of look similar, with their noses and hair and eyes, and I remember that Pinter looked a bit shocked and horrified/sad when he heard that the queen was dead. Plus, and it may just be my faulty memory, but I think I remember reading somewhere that the king and queen had a son that was not at the palace?

    I don’t know. It’s just a guess.

  • Nick

    Pinter is growing on me more and more.

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