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Hello again

Thanks for your patience during the delay. If you’re on the Patreon you already know about it, but there was a death, and I’ve been out of town to support the family and help with the funeral and such. Been sneaking away in between all of that to finish this page, haha, a little bit rude… anyways this is my second funeral for 2016 so if we could cut it off right here that would be great~

In case you missed the news, the Volume 1 Kickstarter is doing incredibly well, pretty much breaking all of my estimations. We’re over 300% funded with another 24 DAYS to go, and have unlocked most of our stretch goals, including french flaps on the softcovers, bonus comics, increased paper quality, and print art from the artists Tessa Stone, Gene Ha, Joy Ang, MissMonster, Ariel Ries, and even freakin’ Makani. We’re only making a very limited amount of hardcovers for Volume 1 and those tiers are running very low, so if you’d like one of those it’s probably better not to wait since I am not planning on printing any more~

Additionally, I’m trying to be back on track with comics, but I mean… death. Obviously my priorities shifted. But I’m jumping back into the 12x update schedule with both feet once I’m home. For current Patrons, you can also access the new tutorial on researching for comics, as well as the 11-pg supplement that goes along with it. I’ve been spending increasing amounts of time on these tutorials, and I think this one is my favorite so far. Emails to $10+ patrons will be going out tonight, I’m actually traveling home in about 30 mins so hopefully I’ll be able to get more done once I’m back in my actual workspace!

Agh I need to pack haha. I have more news probably but I need to go~~ next page will be as fast as I can manage. Let me know if you have any questions about the KS; I’ll probably be deleting the previous post when I get home~



  • Perlite

    Is that cheesy melt? Nice!

    • Fridge_Logik

      Great, now I want that, and some french onion soup.

    • Fraaaaank...?

      The cheese seems to be really chewy though…

  • Lost Yooper

    That grilled cheese, tomato and ??? Sandwich doesn’t look half bad, I am afraid I would get some of that super stretchy cheese caught in my throat though!

    • Times New Logan

      That’s what your index fingers are for, duh! It’s for gripping the cheese so it snaps as your pull your bite away from the sandwich.

      • Lost Yooper

        I think Suda might actually need scissors in this case, it’s super cheese.

        • Basing it off of the cheese in the old Costco pizzas, haha. The modern ones are legit but 10 years ago, man, dat cheese

  • Whisper

    My sorrow for your sorrows.

  • Lost Yooper

    Also, Rudy’s arms are to Armshark’s Iegs, as Armshark’s arms are to Rudy’s legs.

    • Toastw/jam

      Spent way too much time on this. My poor sub-par brain.

    • lol, if you combine them you get one swole shark and one tiny dude

  • Android 21 3/7

    Is offscreen person that guy she was smooching in her dream?

  • Here’s, the thing, Suda. You’re out visiting the country while she’s stuck in that god forsaken castle.

  • RichWalk9891

    I wonder what Rana was about to say before she interrupted herself?

    I can’t really think of what goes with “Sake of th-“, unless it’s meant to be another way of say “Oh, for goodness sake!”

    • “For the sake of the Emperor” is a fairly standard exasperated exclamation :]

      • RichWalk9891

        Thank you. :)

  • Pumpkin_Cake

    I love how delighted he looks in Panel 1, hahaha

  • Quix

    Oh my god I feel Rana so intensely, here. Suda eating on this page is honestly so gross to me that I can’t even look at it without feeling ill, holy dang.

  • That second panel is my favorite face. XD

  • MSD3000

    I’m guessing that’s supposed to be a melted cheese sandwich. But my mind keeps telling me it’s hot marshmallow fluff and fermented soybean.

    Great, I just threw up in my brain…

  • Grace

    Oh my Caesar THAT FACE in Panel #2! XD

  • Sara

    Ah shoot, I waited a week for my payday to happen, and now all the hardcovers are gone!!! D: Awesome for you, sad for me. No chance that any more hardcovers will be offered, ever? Even as a stretch goal? Not to be a whiner — congrats on the explosive success of your kickstarter!

    • Haha, thanks Sara! Will probably be moving some hardcovers from the highest tier into a lower tier tomorrow sometime, so check back then :O Other than that, probably not being offered again outside of the few hundred for the KS.

      • Sara

        I will keep an eagle eye out for any tier changes. I’d love to be able to put a shiny hardcover on my bookshelf next to the self-published issue of Chapter 1 you sold like a decade ago… annnd I may also own the 4DE version. Almost a royal flush!

  • Brotzart

    That is legit the most beautifully disgusting looking sandwich which I have ever seen, well done! (Love Suda’s expression of animal ferocity in the second panel hahahaha.)

  • Da Rat Bastid

    Rana, being openly repulsed at the sight of a large cheese sandwich??

    To borrow a page from the Warhammer 40k lexicon, is Emperor Luca aware that one of his own family members is a heretic? I’m not joking; that is some SERIOUS heresy right there.

  • Is there the possibility that the sandwich is poisoned?

  • Rebecca B.

    Is that a Reuben? It looks like a particularly hefty Reuben that tried to make out with a Brie grilled cheese.

  • strannik

    Well, that kind of cheese seems rather unhealthy. To add poison in it would sem rather overkill.

  • Tadrix

    Nah, he’ll be fine, such munching seems to be part of Suda’s daily routine, at least when he’s not out of stuff to munch anyway.

  • TorgueRND

    I offer my condolences, for what they’re worth, on your recent loss, Ms. Helmer.

    Unrelated to that: I made the exact face Suda has in the first panel this week, when I was served a plate of chicken and waffles at a soul food restaurant.

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